DH Lawrence

Lawrence and The University of Nottingham


The University of Nottingham commemorates its most famous alumnus in a number of ways, celebrating the life of an author who was influential both in his own era and today.  Strong ties bind him to The University of Nottingham and his brief spell studying for his teacher's certificate at the then University College Nottingham inspired Ursula's college career in The Rainbow.  According to former Nottingham Professor and renowned Lawrence scholar, John Worthen, Lawrence enjoyed 'a sardonic, ironic relationship' with the University, but he fondly remains in the hearts and minds of Nottingham staff, students and locals alike.

University College Nottingham

University College Nottingham, in Shakespeare Street

These pages provide an overview of the various resources and places of interest associated with Lawrence which can be found at The University of Nottingham. This includes extensive holdings of Lawrence manuscripts, printed books and related works  – one of the most extensive and comprehensive resources worldwide on this famous author.

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